A Home Page

A new beginning?

Whoa hey! It's some HTML for a new webpage! Maybe one day it will grow to be my personal homepage of some sort.

Getting back into coding for the web has felt difficult for me. I took several classes about it in college but I finished that in 2020! I've dropped the ball pretty much ever since but now is the time to get back to it!

Armed with the internet and some books, I'm going to start building pages again, starting with the basics, and build back to where I was.. and beyond! The thing I regret most about my time in college was that my education was so broad, and I wish that I had learned more specific things about web development. Now, learning on my own, I'm going to go beyond what I've done before and explore new technologies that I never even touched before, and have a deeper knowledge of the ones that I did.

Hahaha this place is so ugly, I really need to work on this more.